Saturday, November 30, 2013

november gratitude challenge (pt. 3)

here are the last of the pictures from the november gratitude challenge. this was my first time completing a photo challenge! it was a good experience, but i sure am thankful not to be limited to a word each day. =)

day 21- kindness
day 22- home
day 23- taste
day 24- comfort
day 25 - family
day 26- routine
day 27 - creativity
day 28 - sunrise

day 29 - movement. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!
day 30 - self (because there really isn't a better way to end a photo challenge than with a selfie)
woohoo! hallelujah! the challenge is over! i'm now contemplating whether or not to do some sort of video challenge for the month of december. we shall see!


Sunday, November 24, 2013

it's beginning to....

the brutal cold weather has arrived in st. louis & signs of christmas are everywhere you go! i'm looking forward to celebrating thanksgiving this week with family & friends. i still haven't made up my mind about black friday shopping, but i'm leaning towards a no-go this year. it seems each year gets crazier & bigger than the last & i really dislike how store are opening on thanksgiving day. i'm thinking may be small business saturday or cyber monday for me...? we shall see.

some of these photos i've been meaning to post for quite some time, but in the midst of the (seemingly long & drawn out)  november photo challenge have somehow fallen on the wayside.

i adore kingston's face in this photo. it says a lot.
that was taken on 11/12/13.  haha.
my niece looking adorable, as always.
we saw RAIN: a beatles' tribute at the fox for jessica's birthday.
the fox theatre is an incredibly gorgeous building on its own, but the fact that it was decorated for christmas made it that much more charming.
signs of christmas in the loop.
i met amazing singer/songwriter, joshua radin.
picked up a copy of these limited edition harry potter stamps.
watched catching fire.....

...and this was at the theatre!!!! my heart melted. 


Thursday, November 21, 2013

november gratitude challenge (pt. 2)

hallelujah, this challenge is almost over! haha. it really has been fun, but some days i just didn't have the time to come up with something good, fun, or creative. let's take a look at days 11-20.

day 11 - indulgence. i'm thankful for a whole bag of just vanilla tootsie rolls.
day 12 - nature.
day 13 - rest. i wanted to 'rest' with all the chick-fil-a campers in the 30 degree weather.
day 14 - friendship. friendship is starbucks' happy hour.
day 15 - beauty. i dare you to find me a more beautiful woman.
day 16 - weather. i saw RAIN (a beatles' tribute) this particular day so you could say the forecast called for a little bit of RAIN.
day 17 - technology.
day 18 - change. tried a new coffee for a change & it was so good. plus, how adorable is the packaging?
day 19 - knowledge. educating the next generation that there is more to star wars than angry birds.
day 20- scent. joshua radin's voice smells like liquid honey, or liquid gold. this caption makes no SENSE. **yeah, this was pretty much an inside joke & to let me get away with not having a scent picture. =)

 and there you have days 11-20! stay tuned for more exciting gratitude pictures! (i hope you read that with great saracasm.)


Sunday, November 17, 2013


pardon my blog, as it is a bit under construction right now. i'm trying to make it not look so 'default' & more 'maggi-like' ....whatever that means. =)

i've been playing around with an app called flipagram. this app is an easy way to turn your pictures into mini slideshows. the best part is that the app is super easy to use so it doesn't take much time to make these. 

i made two videos this week. the first one was supposed to have a bit of an orange, fall vibe.

this second one is pictures from our book party back in october.

aren't they fun? so quick, easy, & perfect for instagram. i can't wait to make more!

Monday, November 11, 2013

november gratitude photo challenge. (pt. 1)

i've been participating in a gratitude photo challenge for the month of november on facebook & instagram. i'm posting a recap of the first ten days of the challenge. all these pictures were taken during the ever-changing month of november. 

day 1 - color
day 2 - love. i love mrs. roberts & fall so very much.
day 3 - tradition. 1st sunday fellowship = a tradition in which i am grateful for. 
day 4 - art. it's a triangle that God designed himself. =)
day 5 - clothing. big bad wolf meeting little red riding hood style. we are thankful for thrift store dresses!
day 6 - inspiration. fall & all its beauty inspires me greatly.

day 7 - touch. this is one of those last minute pictures where i try to come up with something clever. get it? she's touching an ipod touch. yeah...
day 8 - memories. november 8th is jessica's birthday so this word was very much appropriate. VERY thankful for her friendship.
day 9 - music. CHRISTMAS MUSIC. hipster alert: my she & him record came in that day. non-hipster alert: i like listening to duck the halls. 
day 10 - words. this is a free print i won & it's my favorite color combo!!

 well, there's the first 10 days of this november challenge. hoping to stay strong & finish the entire month!


Monday, November 4, 2013

fall parking (part II)

in my previous fall parking post, i mentioned hoping to hit up a park or two before the peak of fall subsided. well, i far exceeded my expectations as i hit up SIX parks this past weekend. i have a bit of a fall obsession. 

 "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein."  Psalm 24:1