Sunday, November 24, 2013

it's beginning to....

the brutal cold weather has arrived in st. louis & signs of christmas are everywhere you go! i'm looking forward to celebrating thanksgiving this week with family & friends. i still haven't made up my mind about black friday shopping, but i'm leaning towards a no-go this year. it seems each year gets crazier & bigger than the last & i really dislike how store are opening on thanksgiving day. i'm thinking may be small business saturday or cyber monday for me...? we shall see.

some of these photos i've been meaning to post for quite some time, but in the midst of the (seemingly long & drawn out)  november photo challenge have somehow fallen on the wayside.

i adore kingston's face in this photo. it says a lot.
that was taken on 11/12/13.  haha.
my niece looking adorable, as always.
we saw RAIN: a beatles' tribute at the fox for jessica's birthday.
the fox theatre is an incredibly gorgeous building on its own, but the fact that it was decorated for christmas made it that much more charming.
signs of christmas in the loop.
i met amazing singer/songwriter, joshua radin.
picked up a copy of these limited edition harry potter stamps.
watched catching fire.....

...and this was at the theatre!!!! my heart melted.