Thursday, November 21, 2013

november gratitude challenge (pt. 2)

hallelujah, this challenge is almost over! haha. it really has been fun, but some days i just didn't have the time to come up with something good, fun, or creative. let's take a look at days 11-20.

day 11 - indulgence. i'm thankful for a whole bag of just vanilla tootsie rolls.
day 12 - nature.
day 13 - rest. i wanted to 'rest' with all the chick-fil-a campers in the 30 degree weather.
day 14 - friendship. friendship is starbucks' happy hour.
day 15 - beauty. i dare you to find me a more beautiful woman.
day 16 - weather. i saw RAIN (a beatles' tribute) this particular day so you could say the forecast called for a little bit of RAIN.
day 17 - technology.
day 18 - change. tried a new coffee for a change & it was so good. plus, how adorable is the packaging?
day 19 - knowledge. educating the next generation that there is more to star wars than angry birds.
day 20- scent. joshua radin's voice smells like liquid honey, or liquid gold. this caption makes no SENSE. **yeah, this was pretty much an inside joke & to let me get away with not having a scent picture. =)

 and there you have days 11-20! stay tuned for more exciting gratitude pictures! (i hope you read that with great saracasm.)