Saturday, November 30, 2013

november gratitude challenge (pt. 3)

here are the last of the pictures from the november gratitude challenge. this was my first time completing a photo challenge! it was a good experience, but i sure am thankful not to be limited to a word each day. =)

day 21- kindness
day 22- home
day 23- taste
day 24- comfort
day 25 - family
day 26- routine
day 27 - creativity
day 28 - sunrise

day 29 - movement. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!
day 30 - self (because there really isn't a better way to end a photo challenge than with a selfie)
woohoo! hallelujah! the challenge is over! i'm now contemplating whether or not to do some sort of video challenge for the month of december. we shall see!


Jessica R said...

Don't contemplate---just do it!!!! (The video challenge)