Monday, November 11, 2013

november gratitude photo challenge. (pt. 1)

i've been participating in a gratitude photo challenge for the month of november on facebook & instagram. i'm posting a recap of the first ten days of the challenge. all these pictures were taken during the ever-changing month of november. 

day 1 - color
day 2 - love. i love mrs. roberts & fall so very much.
day 3 - tradition. 1st sunday fellowship = a tradition in which i am grateful for. 
day 4 - art. it's a triangle that God designed himself. =)
day 5 - clothing. big bad wolf meeting little red riding hood style. we are thankful for thrift store dresses!
day 6 - inspiration. fall & all its beauty inspires me greatly.

day 7 - touch. this is one of those last minute pictures where i try to come up with something clever. get it? she's touching an ipod touch. yeah...
day 8 - memories. november 8th is jessica's birthday so this word was very much appropriate. VERY thankful for her friendship.
day 9 - music. CHRISTMAS MUSIC. hipster alert: my she & him record came in that day. non-hipster alert: i like listening to duck the halls. 
day 10 - words. this is a free print i won & it's my favorite color combo!!

 well, there's the first 10 days of this november challenge. hoping to stay strong & finish the entire month!