Monday, December 30, 2013

2013: a year in review.

2013. it wasn't the easiest of years. i went to more funerals this year than i ever have before & the evidence of sin & destruction seem to abound. not a very optimistic start to a blog post, eh? BUT nevertheless Christ still reigns & gives us grace upon grace for every moment of our life. 2013 had some really great moments too, including but not limited to, my best friend getting married, the birth of a new niece & gaining a birthday buddy.

it was fun to look back on these blog posts. since the number "13" has been somewhat of my theme this year on the blog, i was attempting to make a list of just 13 of my favorite blog posts, but i could not narrow it down! instead, here's a pretty broad overview of 2013.  sidenote: i linked a lot of stuff back to the original blog post the picture came from, if you are interested.

january was when i first began blogging! i started it at the very beginning of the year. here are some of my favorite posts from that month
why'd you have to go and turn to ice?
i like that we are kind of strange.
the $10 thrift expedition.  this was my first iphone video i ever posted!
i'm glad this blog made me discover a love of making short (& sometimes silly) iphone videos. i'm not sure i would have ever ventured into the movie world if it weren't for blogging.

my favorite post from february was a simple 'day in the life' post.
at the end of february my precious niece was born. at the beginning of march, my grammy passed away. it was quite a whirlwind & i blogged about it HERE.
it wouldn't be right if i didn't include a DESSERT post. this one is from easter back in march.
by far, my favorite concert of 2013 was the black out tour in april

at the beginning of may the tulips were in full bloom. stef & i took full advantage of that and went on OPERATION: TULIP.
something that jessica & i had wished came true in may: her precious evangeline decided to enter the world on my birthday! what an exciting day! i now have a birthday buddy for life.
also in may, i had to include the post of my special date with my precious niece.
in june we went camping. although i am not a camper, i love looking back on these pictures from the trip.

we celebrated independence day with some good ole temporary tattoos.

also, some of my favorite summer photos were in july & involved water!
water, water everywhere!
if it's a summer day...

at the end of july, mayci & i traveled to chicago for the legacy conference. CLICK HERE to see my chicago video & the rest of the chicago posts.
star wars night at busch stadium happened in august. that was quite the experience!
september was a time of celebration because my best friend got married! you can check out the #timanie wedding & video HERE. of course there were many events leading up to the wedding. we had the wedding shower, bridal shower, & bachelorette party!

my sister organized the most adorable minion party on labor day weekend.

my mom pulled off a wonderful princess bride shower for billy & sarah!
and let's not forget i dressed my brother up like a hobbit for hobbit day. =)
and then in october, i dressed merri up as anne of green gables.

november consisted in an entire month of blogging a photo challenge.
and here we are to december where i purchased a DSLR.

we also recieved the wonderful news in december that stephanie is expecting a baby! that's a wonderful way to end the extremely brief (i mean, long...yes, this was long. i told you i could NOT narrow it down) 2013 recap. 

i'm so thankful i began blogging this year. 2013 may have been a difficult year, but God uses those tough times to grow us. i'm grateful for the many wonderful memories that i am able to reflect upon thanks to this ole blog.

here's to 2014!!

"Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness. Fight the good fight of the faith."  ~ I Timothy 6:11

soli deo gloria,

Sunday, December 29, 2013

a silly photo challenge.

i live in a suburb of st. louis. nothing fancy. sometimes i wish the area i lived in had prettier scenery or was more photogenic. a couple of weeks ago i noticed that there was one lonely christmas tree decked out in patriotic decor. it sat a busy interesection, but i really wanted to snap a picture of it before the decorations were gone. one day during my christmas break, i gave myself a little photo challenge. i started at one point & stayed on the same road for about 8 miles where i ended at the patriotic christmas tree & took pictures of anything that stood out to me within this radius. this particular road is one i travel on almost a daily basis so i really wanted to look past the familiar & embrace the challenge with fresh eyes. i guess you could say the goal of the challenge was to prove that my county wasn't completely unphotogenic. i took pictures of anything & everything i could find, mainly just for practice.

 so maybe i found a lot of abandoment/junkiness & maybe the challenge was slightly silly,  & of course, i know that there is plenty of beauty that surrounds me everyday, but i'm still thankful i took these & consider it beneficial. and just for the record, i only wasted one hour of my life doing this. =)


Saturday, December 28, 2013

winter (iphone) snapshots

here's a collection of iphone snapshots from the month of december. i will admit, i haven't been using my phone as much, but it's still so convenient to have on hand.

willy looking like a little dwarf. so cute! =)
speaking of dwarfs, merri & went to see the hobbit. yes, i know it doesn't follow the book at all, but i still enjoyed it. the barrel escape is my favorite part of the book & that particular scene in the movie lived up to my expectations.
i love his face in this photo.
snow day!
my sweet momma surprised me with a sweet & seasonal drink (jack frost mocha) at work. she knows my love for tasting all things seasonal.
my dad certainly should win an award for sitting on the scariest santa's lap while still smiling. this could possibly be the creepiest & most disturbing childhood santa photo OF ALL TIME.
i really like red lipstick, especially this time of year, but really all the time.
jessica took this one on her phone & sent it to me. my birthday buddy & i unintentionally matched. how fun!