Sunday, December 29, 2013

a silly photo challenge.

i live in a suburb of st. louis. nothing fancy. sometimes i wish the area i lived in had prettier scenery or was more photogenic. a couple of weeks ago i noticed that there was one lonely christmas tree decked out in patriotic decor. it sat a busy interesection, but i really wanted to snap a picture of it before the decorations were gone. one day during my christmas break, i gave myself a little photo challenge. i started at one point & stayed on the same road for about 8 miles where i ended at the patriotic christmas tree & took pictures of anything that stood out to me within this radius. this particular road is one i travel on almost a daily basis so i really wanted to look past the familiar & embrace the challenge with fresh eyes. i guess you could say the goal of the challenge was to prove that my county wasn't completely unphotogenic. i took pictures of anything & everything i could find, mainly just for practice.

 so maybe i found a lot of abandoment/junkiness & maybe the challenge was slightly silly,  & of course, i know that there is plenty of beauty that surrounds me everyday, but i'm still thankful i took these & consider it beneficial. and just for the record, i only wasted one hour of my life doing this. =)