Sunday, December 15, 2013

a taste of christmas (never enough sugar)

if i don't get a move on these blog posts, i'm going to start falling behind on sharing all the wonderful christmas activities & traditions that have begun this past week. let's start with food pictures because that is a very wondeful place to start. holiday baking is in full swing!

last weekend, we visited all the cute & cozy shops in kimmswick for their annual candlelight walk. it was FREEZING on this particular night, but still fun.

on sunday, we continued the tradition of visiting the synchronized light show called "never enough lights."
after the light show, we visited the harrelson's where we all received magnificent christmas news - the harrelson's are expecting a baby!!!
we were so THRILLED! baby "pip" (as he/she is temporarily being called) is already well loved. congrats to the harrelsons! 

what a great weekend!