Thursday, December 12, 2013


have you heard about dressember? i just recently heard about this style challenge called dressember. the concept is simple: wear a dress everyday in december. wearing dresses is something that i've grown rather fond of & even prefer most days! i love that dressember strives to promotes femininity & beauty in this way. 

apparently, this has been going on for a couple years, but this is the first year that dressember is partnering with the international justice mission to raise awareness & funds for different forms of social injustices such as slavery, sexual exploitation, & other forms of violent oppression. unfortunately, i did not hear about the campaign until december was already in full swing. i thought i would still snap some photos of dresses i've worn this week to help raise awareness & remind me about (maybe) participating next year! if you would like more information about how dressember works, visit .