Tuesday, December 17, 2013

holiday wandering.

this past weekend i really wanted to take some of the little people around here to see the holiday train at union station. it was a one day event. after discussing with jessica, we decided to make a day of it & see some other 'holiday' things downtown. my family decided to join as well & off we went!

first stop was the old courthouse building for st. louis. it was decked out with victorian decor (read- lots of garland) for the holidays.  
every week during december the courthouse has a group of volunteers in historic clothing come in and display a dance from a certain time period. they encourage everyone to participate.
i have actually never been inside the old courthouse so we explored it for a bit (before our meter ran out!)
of course, there is always room for a little photo shoot before heading off. ;)
we then arrived at union station to check out the holiday express train. i guess the news really got out (thanks a lot, social media) because the line was ridiculously long. not only that, but the ridiculously long line was outside in freezing temps. "no, thank you!" said everyone in our group.
we all voted to go inside the union station mall & just browse. this mall is usually a zombie's paradise. i mean, it is just DEAD. most of the shops are closed down & it usually only has a handful of people. not on this day! that train drew a major crowd & i have never seen the place so packed, that's even including its past glory years when business was a little bit more booming.
cookies & a photo op with mrs. claus.
the hot chocolate race was taking place this weekend so there happened to be a lot of hot chocolate-y activities going on in the mall.
cute kingston!
this photo is super blurry, but i still like it. =)
goodbye, hogwarts....errr, i mean union station.
next, we headed to citygarden. in the winter they replace the spray pad (pictures of that HERE) with giant globes of changing color. pretty neat, but at this point, we were freezing. i'm really not exaggerating the coldness factor here. so, we just snapped a few pics & went on our way. 
even though most of the events pictured here didn't live up to the hype, it was all in all a fun day. we finished the evening with chick-fil-a & some christmas shopping so yeah, i would say that's a pretty great day in my book. 


Bill E. said...

Great shots Maggi. I love old buildings like that. they just don't build them like that anymore. I took some in the train station a couple of years ago in Kansas city. Lovely old building that. Thanks for sharing.

Maggi Loving said...

thanks, bill!