Friday, December 6, 2013

i took the plunge....

yes, i finally took the plunge & bought a dslr camera! i'm looking at it as an investment. it arrived shortly after thanksgiving break. i have now turned into the obnoxious person pulling out my camera all the time to practice, practice, practice! i want to be comfortable with my camera & easily change the settings without saying, "wait!" or "hold on!" while the perfect shot passes me by. i have SO MUCH to learn, but i'm very thankful for mayci patiently answering my bazillion questions & even letting me borrow her lens. =)

here are my practice shots from the past week:

my eye is always attracted to bokeh photography so i wanted to attempt it. this was as good as it got. i'll just stick with my motto: keep practicing, maggi!
more practice.

jessica & i watched what was probably our final sunset together for the year. she graciously let me practice some portrait-type shots on her at our favorite barn. thanks, jessica!
the rest of the photos are from today. school was cancelled today because of the wintry mix. i honestly believe i am more excited about snow days now, compared to when i was actually in school. haha! anyway, a snow day is a perfect day to practice some more photography. here we go ~
my nephew caught with my favorite character. =)
a mini photo shoot of my precious niece.

mayci braved the frigid weather with me because i really wanted to practice some shots in the snow. so thanks, mayci!
isn't she just gorgeous?!
mayci snapped this one.

and of course, one 10 second timer shot. by this time i thought my fingers might fall off & was slightly regretting my so called bravery (and sanity). 

well, i think it's time for a little hot chocolate on this glorious snow day!