Monday, December 16, 2013

our christmas mess.

this past week included our tribe's annual gingerbread making & annual christmas cookie making. it seems i'll be using the word 'annual' a lot over the next week because of all the great traditions that this season holds.

sneaking in as much icing as possible. =)
the kids were so excited for their sugar high!
mom added just a little bit of christmas spirit to the room. =)
someone said it looked like buddy the elf stayed the night.
while the cookies baked we ate from a soup kitchen size pot of chili courtesy of mommaloving. you see the size of that thing?
 time to ice!
usually everyone spends a large amount of time on one special cookie & then quickly rushes through decorating the rest. haha! i wasn't able to get everyone with their special cookie, but here are some.
some of the kids (and adults) watched the muppet christmas carol after finishing up the decorating. this was the first year we did that. i wonder if that's a new tradition?!
just ignore han solo's dilated eyes & ponder the goodness of star wars cookies. 

if you want to see more pictures then head on over to jessica's blog & you'll be in for major TREAT. hehe.