Thursday, December 5, 2013

penelope & the big bad wolf

you may notice something a little bit different on the old blog today. after blogging for almost a year, i'm so excited to finally have a cute blog! the old one was okay, but it was just too 'default' for me. i recruited my ultra-talented friend, rachel, over at apricot studio for some help. she does some AMAZING work. she designed the header while i am still working on the format of the blog. that part is definitely a work in progress. =) so, if you live in st.louis area & need professional photography or any graphic design work, hit her up! thanks again, rachel!

well, it's no secret that i am surrounded by some really amazing children in my life, one of which happens to be my pretty rad niece. i particularly love this stage of child development.  i love her curiousity. i love how she talks in full & complete sentences. i love her love for star wars. oh, 3 year olds! they sure know how to put a smile one your face!

one of the photos from the november challenge was based on the word clothing. on that particular day, i did a 'red riding hood meets the big bad wolf' inspired photo. here are some of the extra photos from that day. further evidence that my niece just adorable?

 isn't she just a cutie? =)