Wednesday, December 18, 2013


teal is my absolute favorite color. there's no doubt about that. the color teal has had a special place in my heart for quite some time. given any option, it's always the color i'm drawn to first. it's a color that evokes happiness & many smiles, not to mention that it pairs well with so many other colors. oh, and maybe i shouldn't mention how many shoes i have that are some shade of teal. yikes!

one day while driving on a familiar highway, i noticed these bright, exotic doors.....on an automobile repair shop. yes, they were garage doors, BUT there were five of them and they were the loveliest shade of teal. i knew it was destiny to use those doors as a photo op at some point in life.

i'm happy to report that day finally came. now that i've invested in a camera, i'm trying to practice as often as possible. i had some camera questions and rachel willingly agreed to help me out. after patiently answering my never ending list of question, we (a bunch of girls & chris) headed off so i could practice just a little bit. i knew just the place to go - the teal doors! yes, there is a reason normal people don't do random photo shoots in the winter. it was freezing (again)! despite the temps, we still had a great time, although i felt like i couldn't quite capture the amazingness of the teal color.

 this week the temperatures are closer to the 50's so maybe i'll have to make another trip to the teal garage doors. teal zeal for life!!

UPDATE:  someone told me they thought this color was more aquamarine. someone else said they thought it was turquoise. i kind of thought it looked more robin egg blue. haha! i think they are all within the same bluish-greenish family & i love them all. technically, teal might be a tad darker &  if i was being specific, i tend to love more aquamarine vibes, but honestly TEAL ZEAL sounded so much cooler. =)