Saturday, December 7, 2013

thankful thirteen (november edition)

i know i probably say this type of thing all the time, but wow, did november sure fly by!
here's a recap of thirteen things i'm thankful for during the month of november:

  1.  the magnificent peak of fall happened at the beginning of november. 
  2. a little date with my niece.
  3. God's consistent love, despite my selfish sin.
  4. completing my 1st photo challenge.
  5. butterbeer lattes!
  6. girls' day out - which are more precious now than ever.
  7. constant undeserved blessings that the Lord so graciously gives.
  8. meeting joshua radin
  9. the fact that it is officially legal to listen to christmas music. =)
  10.  the reminder that organizations & people may fail, but God is the same & in Him we put our trust.
  11. thanksgiving break.
  12. the last verse of the Gospel of John. look it up!
  13. the way my nephew says 'solo' as in han solo. it's super, super adorable.