Saturday, December 28, 2013

winter (iphone) snapshots

here's a collection of iphone snapshots from the month of december. i will admit, i haven't been using my phone as much, but it's still so convenient to have on hand.

willy looking like a little dwarf. so cute! =)
speaking of dwarfs, merri & went to see the hobbit. yes, i know it doesn't follow the book at all, but i still enjoyed it. the barrel escape is my favorite part of the book & that particular scene in the movie lived up to my expectations.
i love his face in this photo.
snow day!
my sweet momma surprised me with a sweet & seasonal drink (jack frost mocha) at work. she knows my love for tasting all things seasonal.
my dad certainly should win an award for sitting on the scariest santa's lap while still smiling. this could possibly be the creepiest & most disturbing childhood santa photo OF ALL TIME.
i really like red lipstick, especially this time of year, but really all the time.
jessica took this one on her phone & sent it to me. my birthday buddy & i unintentionally matched. how fun!