Thursday, January 23, 2014


DUDE. my nephew is awesome & the DUDE may have a future in male modeling. haha.
DUDE. in all actuality this lil DUDE didn't really want me to take his picture, but still let me which resulted in my favorite picture above.
DUDE. the weather on this particular day was actually above freezing, hence the nephew's short sleeves.
DUDE. i love seeing this little lady twirl, dance, & pretend to be a princess ballerina.
DUDE. these pictures were for a little instagram project.
DUDE. her eyes say it all.
DUDE. this sunset was gorgeous.

DUDE. as much as i love all seasons (and i really hate to admit this), i'm beginning to wish for spring & overall warmth in general, but i can't complain because it'll be here in a blink!