Saturday, January 11, 2014

frozen bubbles.

it looks like snowmageddon is leaving & temperatures have returned to normal. i have a few more snow pictures that i have yet to post, so here they are!

i love when a picture reminds me of narnia.
so i saw a post circulating the internet about frozen bubbles. with temperatures in the negative realm, now was the time to experiment a little & see how they turned out. warning: it's not easy to do when it's windy. 

i had to see the beloved barn while it was still covered with snow. this was taken about 5 days after the snowstorm. i would have loved to see this area when it was completely covered, but my little car would have never made it up the hill to get there.

my last post included these trees, but they're just so magnificent draped with snow that it was quite necessary to include one more photo.