Sunday, January 5, 2014

grammy inspired pictures.

today my grammy would have been 93. our family still misses her & thinks about the memories we shared. she was one special lady who could always put a smile on your face! she was ultra creative, very independent, & always a pleasure to be around. there are certain things that will always make me think of her for the rest of my life. there are certain mannerisms that i inherited from my dad that resemble her. AND lest i forget ~ she most definitely bequeathed to me her ability to keep everything she ever owned (or as most people call it - hoarding or being a pack rat).
last summer i asked stef to take some grammy-inspired photos. the idea came about shortly after the funeral as multiple people told me i resembled grammy in her youth. i had never really thought about it before as the earliest i had ever known grammy began when i born in the 1980s which meant she was in her late 60s and older my whole lifetime. what a sweet compliment that was & it triggered this idea for these photos!
 i've never shared these photographs on the blog before & considered her birthday as being the perfect opportunity. all these photos were taken at her house or the railroad tracks near her home. my grandparents built this house in the late 1940s & my grammy was still living there up until the last couple weeks of her life.  i am wearing one of her dresses & some of her accessories. as you can see, these shots also include some pictures of grammy from the 1940s when she was close to my current age.
she gave me the heart necklace i am wearing & then i found this picture of her wearing a similiar heart necklace!

i asked stef to dress up with me as i had some pictures of grammy with her gal pals that i wanted to recreate.

an old snapshot of grammy & one of her friends.
^^ this is my grandpa's camera from the 1960s & i'm wearing my grammy's watch. also, i was kicking myself that i forgot to remove my nailpolish. oh well!

my grammy has the coolest vines in her yard.
the floral crown & vines represent her love of flowers & plants. her living room was filled with them!
when i was younger, grammy would take molli & i to the railroad tracks which were within walking distance of her house. i have old polaroids of us down here.

 a HUGE thank you to stef for her willingness to take these & joining me in the pictures. these pictures are super precious & special to me. i'm grateful that she let me play out this crazy idea. also, i have to give another big thank you to my momma for doing my hair & make-up. it's not an easy task to turn hair that goes way past the shoulders into amazing 1940s finger waves, but with strong determination & about 1,000 bobby pins she pulled it off. plus, my mom is supermomma & can do just about anything she puts her mind too.  =)