Thursday, January 2, 2014

hello, 2014!

happy new year! here's my first post of the year & it is a photo heavy one so proceed with caution!
i made a little video using the flipagram app when i was in the car for over an hour. warning: you may need to watch twice.

having attempted glitter pictures before & mightily failed (i was trying on an iphone), i wanted to give it a try again & what better opportunity than ringing in the new year!
how fun are these pictures? answer: very fun & very messy. now we can say, yes p!nk, we have thrown a fistful of glitter in the air.
we continued the tradition of our annual two tower party for new year's eve.
the night included plenty of games, dancing, eating, & of course, the annual ping pong tournament. things got really fancy this year as the winner was bestowed this homemade championship trophy, courtesy of billy jackson.

i tried to get some awesome, action-packed ping pong shots, but attractive faces are rare when playing this game. haha.
the kids are ready to party!

another (newer) tradition of spelling out the new year.

i believe this picture was taken precisely when the clock struck midnight.

and amy continued the tradition of igniting a bazillion firecrackers.

and maybe a new tradition of lots of silly string madness has started this year. trust me when i say, silly string tastes nasty. =)

on new year's day, the lee's treated us to some bowling fun!
i loved eli's 'newsie' look. adorable!

 i had honestly never seen that contraption before today.
willy has amazing form.
strike? or thanks p90x?

bowling swag! i will say those shoes on penelope were pretty cute.
thanks amy & scott!!


Bill E. said...

Fund to read, as always. Seems you are really getting the hang of that new Canon. I'm also impressed that you know what bokeh is!!

Sarah Crow said...

This blog is so FUN!

Sarah Crow said...

This blog is so FUN!