Tuesday, January 28, 2014

january ~ post a portrait

so i decided to attempt another photo project! i know many people do 365 (photo a day) or 52 (photo a week) challenges, so i just kind of took that idea & made it work for me. i'm going to post a portrait a week for the rest of the year. i officially started this project two weeks ago so by the end of 2014 that should equal a total of 50 portraits. i feel like a broken record, but the reason i'm doing this is to practice so that i'm comfortable with  my camera. i have no desire (nor do i think i'm even remotely good enough) to take pictures on a 'professional' level. the reason i even mention this is because investing in the camera made some people automatically assume i was interested in photography & wanted to pursue it. yes, i'm interested in photography. no, i don't want to make money off it. i just want to be able to photograph the life around me. =) haha.

anyway, here are the january portraits.

1/50 - there really is no better way to start the challenge than with a BFF.
2/50 - thankful for stephanie's testimony that God's grace is always sufficent. we are all excited to meet her baby (hopefully) soon!

i decided to post all the portraits at the end of the month so be on the lookout for 4 more portraits at the end of february!