Sunday, January 19, 2014

weekends were made for snickaloaf.

this post has nothing to do with tim hawkins or a snickaloaf, but it was one of those weeks where i was ready for the weekend & a snickaloaf sounds pretty amazing right now. anyway, stef & i went to an ice festival this weekend. it was a different sculpture festival than i have previously attended. the weather was crazy. it was snowy when we first got that there, then the sun popped out for a bit, & by the time we left it was raining. quite crazy i tell you!

we're special.
hello, moon!
you'll be seeing these eye(z) in a later post for a project i'm working on, but i had to go ahead & post some of the outtakes.
i tried blueprint coffee for the first time & it was magical.
speaking of coffee, this was taken today on what is becoming somewhat of a "hey! let's go get coffee after sunday lunch" tradition.

and here's miss evangeline looking so sweet & cheerful.