Monday, February 24, 2014

february ~ post a portrait

it's monday& the olympics are over. 
good news: i can get back to a normal life because they won't consume a massive amount of my life. bad news: i think i gained 10 pounds from doing nothing but watching athletes perform the last two weeks. oh, the irony! 
fact: the same commercials for the last 17 days were getting so tiresome.
more good news: i'm still going strong on my portrait challenge! here are four portraits for the four weeks in february.

3/50 - my grandpa! aka - the sweetest man you will ever meet.  he goes to cracker barrel every friday & just recently started collecting cracker barrel coffee mugs.
4/50 - i know you may have already seen a ton of mysti's snow photos, but i didn't post this one on the blog because i was saving it for her portrait. she's a beauty!
5/50- i was determined to get don's portrait on a day when he was not wearing a red work polo. success!
 6/50 - ashley's portrait is finally here! she's such a sweet soul who graduates this year. woohoo!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

a hunk of burning love.

in my last post, i mentioned that st. louis is celebrating it's 250th birthday! yesterday, i was able to celebrate in what was supposed to be the kick-off festival for the whole event. it was originally planned on valentine's day, but was rescheduled because of freezing rain. the good news was that tuesday's weather was the warmest we've had in a very long time. i didn't even have to wear gloves! the (major) downside of the warm weather was that whole festival ended up being one giant mud fest.
part of the festivities included having more than 300 couple become engaged or re-engaged to set a world record. our friend, hannah, was surprising her husband by popping the question with a ring made of candy. =)

trying to capture pictures of fire was challenging. i realized i had no idea what to do & am open to any help/suggestions. =)
pokey lafarge performed that night. glad i was able to see him live! he has such a unique, fun style.
our unintentional matching of the headscarves. proving once again, if you're matching, a picture is necessary. 
the aftermath of a crazy muddy evening.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

gimme MO love

st. louis turns 250 this year & this weekend marked the beginning of many events to celebrate the occasion! we visited the missouri history museum to see the opening of the 250/250 exhibit. this exhibit tells 250 years of st. louis history through 50 people, 50 places, 50 moments, 50 images, and 50 objects. now i realize that this exhibit & these photos are not everyone's cup of tea (in fact, i don't believe i would have enjoyed it too much 10 years ago), but i now find these sorts of things extremely fascinating.  take a look & see what you think!

i don't really think this had anything to do with the exhibit, but who can resist a picture of the weinermobile?!

we got our picture made with a 'cool' lady from the early 1900s.

i loved this chalkboard wall! this is about 1/4 of the complete picture filled with  50 famous & infamous places in st. louis.
the original ted drews uniform for the ladies.
the 50 images & moments were audio/video so no pictures of those! sorry.
the museum also had a 1904 world's fair exhibit which i found quite enthralling & informative.
this little lady holding her ice cream cone ~ how charming!

happy birthday, st. louis!! see...those picture weren't too terribly boring, right? =)
hoping to attend more stl250 festivities throughout the year!


Saturday, February 15, 2014

olympic obsession.

okay, okay, i'll admit it: i am a little olympic obsessed right now. the winter olympics have always been enjoyable for me to watch & the sochi games have not been a letdown. go USA!
 this is the first year i am watching the olympics AFTER watching the hunger games (the movie came out in 2012) & i must say that it is infiltrating my thinking. i'm convinced bob costas is caesar flickerman, olympic headquarters have a strong resemblance to the game makers room, & putin could possibly be president snow. i'm sure all these things i ponder could be categorized under the infamous hashtag #sochiproblems. haha. 

 memorable olympic moments:
  • sage kotsenburg's interview after he won gold ("i just tried a new trick i've never even done before..."  ~spoken in an interview while eating a slice of pizza)
  • alex bilodeau's inspirational story (found here) 
  • USA beating Russia in ice hockey (i didn't watch this, but knowing that oshie did phenomenal & he plays for the blues makes me happy)
  • the tie for gold in alpine skiing (how incredible is that?!)
  • anytime davis & white enter the rink
  • jeremy abbot continuing his performance after a brutal fall
  • keeping up with bob costas' eye
sad olympic moments:
  • the reality that shaun white did NOT place. 
  • seeing plushenko skate to the judges & withdraw from the men's short program.
  • keeping up with bob costas' eye
 i'm sure there are many other special moments that i can't recall at the moment. anyway, i needed to take some photos to commemorate my olympic obsession & maybe (just maybe) m&m's were the only thing i could come up with.

    yeah...i already posted these, but it was completely necessary that they be included in an olympic post.

    and on a completely different note, but somehow seems to fit ~ menzi & i (finally) saw frozen last week. SO GOOD.


    Thursday, February 13, 2014


    whether you have a significant other or not, valentine's day can be a magical holiday! red & pink hearts everywhere, chocolate galore, pretty flowers...c'mon, what's not to love? (ha! see what i did there.) maybe it is the whole 'loving' as a last name, but i think it sure is special to see an entire month filled with hearts & happiness. anyway, here is a collection of valentine's day photos from the last couple of weeks & by 'collection' i mean a SURPLUS of photos both dslr & iphone. enjoy!
    my mom hand-stitched these hearts.
    the typical look of a 12 year old boy when you mention valentine's day.

     " Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.  Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord. Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer."  Romans 12: 9-12

     PS - this is a little warning that there may be more valentine pictures to come. yay!