Wednesday, February 19, 2014

a hunk of burning love.

in my last post, i mentioned that st. louis is celebrating it's 250th birthday! yesterday, i was able to celebrate in what was supposed to be the kick-off festival for the whole event. it was originally planned on valentine's day, but was rescheduled because of freezing rain. the good news was that tuesday's weather was the warmest we've had in a very long time. i didn't even have to wear gloves! the (major) downside of the warm weather was that whole festival ended up being one giant mud fest.
part of the festivities included having more than 300 couple become engaged or re-engaged to set a world record. our friend, hannah, was surprising her husband by popping the question with a ring made of candy. =)

trying to capture pictures of fire was challenging. i realized i had no idea what to do & am open to any help/suggestions. =)
pokey lafarge performed that night. glad i was able to see him live! he has such a unique, fun style.
our unintentional matching of the headscarves. proving once again, if you're matching, a picture is necessary. 
the aftermath of a crazy muddy evening.

Bill E. said...

Great photos, as usual Maggi. My limited knowledge of shooting stuff like that at night is this: shoot in manual if you can. Bracket a few shots, and underexpose. That will keep your "fire" or anything very light from being too light. Hope that's helpful.