Monday, February 24, 2014

february ~ post a portrait

it's monday& the olympics are over. 
good news: i can get back to a normal life because they won't consume a massive amount of my life. bad news: i think i gained 10 pounds from doing nothing but watching athletes perform the last two weeks. oh, the irony! 
fact: the same commercials for the last 17 days were getting so tiresome.
more good news: i'm still going strong on my portrait challenge! here are four portraits for the four weeks in february.

3/50 - my grandpa! aka - the sweetest man you will ever meet.  he goes to cracker barrel every friday & just recently started collecting cracker barrel coffee mugs.
4/50 - i know you may have already seen a ton of mysti's snow photos, but i didn't post this one on the blog because i was saving it for her portrait. she's a beauty!
5/50- i was determined to get don's portrait on a day when he was not wearing a red work polo. success!
 6/50 - ashley's portrait is finally here! she's such a sweet soul who graduates this year. woohoo!