Monday, February 3, 2014

foggy february.

here it is - another monday night that i'm filtering through hundreds of pictures from the weekend. this usually results in a rather lengthy monday night blog post. enjoy!
a cheerio smiley face above & lovely sunrise below.

this glorious sunrise reminded me of the promise found in lam. 3:22 (look it up)
my niece likes to wear my 'cats' as she calls them.
limited edition oreos!!
a little someone (who wanted to make sure her birthday made it on the blog) turned a whole decade old this past weekend! =)

i can't believe my little denzi doughface is already in the double digits!
happy birthday to a sweetie pie! i love you bunches. 
and then there was this little game called the superbowl. you may have heard of it...
ironically, this was taken before the game. it was definitely a foreshadow of things to come.
anyone else think bruno mars is the michael jackson for the younger generation? i thought it before, but after watching him perform at the halftime show this notion was confirmed.
and i'll finish with this creepy, yet somewhat cute photo that has nothing to do with birthdays or superbowls or food. just a random picture that fits right into my random blog