Sunday, February 16, 2014

gimme MO love

st. louis turns 250 this year & this weekend marked the beginning of many events to celebrate the occasion! we visited the missouri history museum to see the opening of the 250/250 exhibit. this exhibit tells 250 years of st. louis history through 50 people, 50 places, 50 moments, 50 images, and 50 objects. now i realize that this exhibit & these photos are not everyone's cup of tea (in fact, i don't believe i would have enjoyed it too much 10 years ago), but i now find these sorts of things extremely fascinating.  take a look & see what you think!

i don't really think this had anything to do with the exhibit, but who can resist a picture of the weinermobile?!

we got our picture made with a 'cool' lady from the early 1900s.

i loved this chalkboard wall! this is about 1/4 of the complete picture filled with  50 famous & infamous places in st. louis.
the original ted drews uniform for the ladies.
the 50 images & moments were audio/video so no pictures of those! sorry.
the museum also had a 1904 world's fair exhibit which i found quite enthralling & informative.
this little lady holding her ice cream cone ~ how charming!

happy birthday, st. louis!! see...those picture weren't too terribly boring, right? =)
hoping to attend more stl250 festivities throughout the year!