Saturday, February 15, 2014

olympic obsession.

okay, okay, i'll admit it: i am a little olympic obsessed right now. the winter olympics have always been enjoyable for me to watch & the sochi games have not been a letdown. go USA!
 this is the first year i am watching the olympics AFTER watching the hunger games (the movie came out in 2012) & i must say that it is infiltrating my thinking. i'm convinced bob costas is caesar flickerman, olympic headquarters have a strong resemblance to the game makers room, & putin could possibly be president snow. i'm sure all these things i ponder could be categorized under the infamous hashtag #sochiproblems. haha. 

 memorable olympic moments:
  • sage kotsenburg's interview after he won gold ("i just tried a new trick i've never even done before..."  ~spoken in an interview while eating a slice of pizza)
  • alex bilodeau's inspirational story (found here) 
  • USA beating Russia in ice hockey (i didn't watch this, but knowing that oshie did phenomenal & he plays for the blues makes me happy)
  • the tie for gold in alpine skiing (how incredible is that?!)
  • anytime davis & white enter the rink
  • jeremy abbot continuing his performance after a brutal fall
  • keeping up with bob costas' eye
sad olympic moments:
  • the reality that shaun white did NOT place. 
  • seeing plushenko skate to the judges & withdraw from the men's short program.
  • keeping up with bob costas' eye
 i'm sure there are many other special moments that i can't recall at the moment. anyway, i needed to take some photos to commemorate my olympic obsession & maybe (just maybe) m&m's were the only thing i could come up with.

    yeah...i already posted these, but it was completely necessary that they be included in an olympic post.

    and on a completely different note, but somehow seems to fit ~ menzi & i (finally) saw frozen last week. SO GOOD.