Monday, March 24, 2014

night(s) at the museum.

over the past couple of days, i've been to several very wonderful st. louis spots. i'm sorry to say that i'm not going to divide them into different posts, but rather just do one big photo dump. most of these were taken with my dslr, but 5 were taken on my iphone. make it game & see if you figure it which ones! it won't be too hard of a challenge. =)
i've never been to the downtown st. louis library....well, i went to a harry & the potters concerts on the outside steps, but i don't know if that counts. anyway, it was gorgeous! speaking of harry potter, the magic of this library made me feel like i was a hogwarts student, gryffindor of course. 
a good red door will always catch my eye. 
on saturday, we had an all day birthday excursion for jaclyne which sent us all over st. louis!
first up was brunch at half & half.
world's largest chess piece = photo op

i also used this an opportunity to take some portraits of the girls for my photography challenge. those will be posted on the blog later, but here are some other fun shots from the day.

this is their "i'm in a really cool band" pose
cathedral basilica
kind of scary creepy, right?
birthday girl!
tried a pretzel ice cream cone & it was everything i hoped it would be (that would be delish).
<another mini photo shoot>

what a fun (AND exhausting) birthday day! next week we're doing it all again in honor of danielle's big day.