Sunday, March 2, 2014

oh, deer!

congratulations! it seems you should win some award for browsing a blog post all about deer! yes, i admit that this is not a typical 'oceans of grace' post, but it was too good to pass up.
 here's the deal: earlier this week i was running errands & on my way back i decided to take drive through a park because it seemed like a refreshing thing to do at the time. so i'm cruising through the park & admiring the view when all of the sudden i spot these two deer. no other cars were around so i slowed down & snapped some pictures. they, obviously, were used to humans because they showed no fear. this was all fine & dandy so i took my pictures & went to head on out when all of the sudden i see an open field full of 30-40 deer. there was no way i could pass up this opportunity! this time i pulled over to get some photos. these deer didn't show that 'deer in the headlight' look & actually walked up to me & so i can say for a brief moment in my life, i felt like adam before the fall of creation surrounded by pack of deer...that or amy adams in enchanted singing "happy working song." =) 
 another lady pulled over to admire the spectacle as well. it was pretty neat, but cold so i got back in the car to leave again. this park also has a national cemetery (hence all the white tombstones) in which i gawked at even more deer. take a look ~

see how cool that was?! okay, maybe it was just me, but it did end up being a unique experience.