Wednesday, March 5, 2014

spring inspiration

it seems everyone in the entire nation is complaining in unison that they are tired of this brutal winter. yes, it has been harsh, but spring is in 15 days. that means an endless amount of  flower pictures & floral dresses!! keep that in mind & i know you can tolerate a few more cold days. =) anyway, need more than that for inspiration? look no further. you've stumbled upon the right path. i give you: spring inspiration!

fall is my favorite season, but spring, you're pretty good too.
spring fever = spring inspiration.

remember operation: tulip? yeah, expect to see plenty of tulip pictures in the upcoming months.
taken last year, but oh-so-pretty.
something about little girl sailor dresses scream spring. 

 and i'll leave you with a spring playlist because you know i love my seasonal playlists. **actually, i need to update this since it's been awhile, but i'll share my old one. 

the warmest wishes to you!