Tuesday, April 8, 2014

april come she will.

sometimes you realize that iphone pictures get neglected on the blog and are only posted to instagram. this post is to fix that realization & maybe, just maybe, an excuse to post random pictures.

i'm not a fan of feet pictures, but favorite color combinations change everything & make impossible things possible.
kim's specialty drink is straight up caramel syrup.
sometimes you just need a massive spoonful of peanut butter after a hard week.
why do i take so many pictures of mugs?
pretty ombre coffee.
we received a crazy hail storm last week! it made me think of dippin' dots.
the beautiful class of 1940.
had a lovely afternoon with my mom at st. louis vintage market days.
the rest of the pictures are from my 'fancy' camera.

i sure do love a good, retro band that dresses classy.
sadly, these are about the only pictures i took at grace camp meeting.
last, but not least, this handsome man turned another year older! happy birthday, dad!