Tuesday, April 1, 2014

da photography club.

i'm officially in a photography club! okay, the club is unofficial, but i am an official member so that counts, right? the scoop is rachel, jessica, mayci, and i spent a lovely sunday afternoon shooting downtown to sharpen our skills and just have some great photographic fun. all four of us had our giant cameras strapped around our necks and nice lady walking by asked if we were in a photography club. we decided right then & there we needed a club and for lack of a better name, we are now known as 'da club.'
jessica looked like a beautiful fairy princess.

the above photo is real life photo inception.
rachel's little vintage camera was the cutest AND it was teal!
we made a stop a the giant graffiti wall by the arch. a graffiti wall means you have to be extra careful what you photograph. i had to do some special cropping to block out some choice words that i didn't even notice when i took the picture. haha! i'm sorry in advance if i missed anything. 

**stole this group picture from rachel's facebook. =)
mayci has a contagious & beautiful smile!

had a fantastic time with a gorgeous group of classy ladies. can't wait to have another club meeting soon!