Thursday, April 24, 2014

deep in the heart of texas (part two)

after the wedding saturday & fellowship with the saints on sunday, we devoted monday to all the touristy goodness that dallas could offer, which really wasn't too much. ha! our first stop was to visit the george w. bush presidential library and museum. now the pictures may not be that thrilling, but i really enjoyed the museum. i admired president bush's warmth & sincerity. i felt the weight & sacrifice that a president makes as he leads & serves his country in a way i had not considered before. of course during president bush's term is when the country experienced 9/11, so walking through that part of the museum & reliving the experience again gave me a renewed appreciation of the humility & sacrifice that so many americans made that day.

a piece of the world trade center.
sarah palin drops by the oval office. =)
a special exhibit on personal diplomacy featuring painting of world leaders by the former president.

my first time at in-n-out!
we then traveled to fort worth to visit the stockyards.....but first, coffee!
the fort worth stock yards is a historic district with lots of old town shops & western events.
it's a place where it's not too strange to see a cowboy on horseback roaming the streets.

visited a quaintly cute record shop!
my hipster parents = adorable.
the big crowd drawer is the longhorn cattle drive that happens twice each day.
texas flags everywhere you go.
haha! this cowboy's smug look makes this one of my favorite pictures of the day. 
bird's eye view of a cowboy maze.
we quickly stopped by at&t stadium home of the dallas cowboys  & global life park where the texas rangers play ball.
next, we stopped by the road that john f. kennedy was shot. it is a busy street, so this was about as close as i could get to the 'X' that marks the place.
this is a picture of the sixth floor museum. the sniper's rifle was found on the sixth floor of this museum after president kennedy's assassination. it was closed when we visited so we were not able to look at the view from that position. 
pretty dallas buildings.
goodbye dallas! next up ~ oklahoma city!