Wednesday, April 30, 2014

no trespassing.

so....i definitely have a story to go with these photos!

last week i asked val if she would let me take her portrait. she happily obliged & i suggested going to the railroad tracks that i've taken pictures at before & been to multiple times. off we ventured down to the tracks, took a few shots, & then made our way up to our vehicle, when lo & behold we hear a voice greet us. this voice just happened to be a friendly local sheriff who informed us that we were trespassing & had been seen on cameras. remember, this is the exact area i've walked to many times before especially during my childhood. it's the same place that my dad would go to play when he was growing up. the sheriff wanted to know what we were doing. i just couldn't help but think how innocent we looked with my camera strapped around my neck & val (obviously) pregnant. haha!
he escorted us to our vehicle & after about half an hour of accusation & interrogation (okay, probably slightly dramatic, but they thought we were climbing in the boxcars which is just too funny considering val is in her last trimester), they (yes, another sheriff showed up too) let us go.

isn't that a great story to accompany these photographs? i had such a postively radiant subject who kept me calm in the midst of our little adventure. thanks, val! can't wait to meet baby sophie this summer!


Jessica Roberts said...

Great pictures and a gorgeous model!