Tuesday, April 29, 2014

the earth laughs in flowers

remember how i gave a fair warning about the amount of tulip pictures to come on my last post? yeah, just keep that in mind before proceeding. =) the next day of spring break allowed me to see even more beautiful tulips with my lovely friend, jessica. you can see some of her pictures here. seeing tulips two days in a row with the best of friends? yup, that makes for a pretty wonderful spring break.
we did get lost once (or twice) in our attempt to go someplace new, but saw these red lovelies during one of our u-turns. =)
we ended up hitting up forest park because can you really ever go wrong there? (answer = no)
a special guest appearance of about 357 gnats.
easter sunday was a beautiful day & another reminder of the precious promises found in God's word. here are a few pictures from the afternoon.
i'm not sure if someone told her this or not, but she said when she wears that hat she looks like anne of green gables. so cute!
the traditional BFF picture.
SQUEEE!!! it's a baby in a bonnet.
awww....the pregnant ladies.
the rays asked me to snap a family picture for them. let it be noted that this was AFTER the easter egg hunt & it was difficult to find shade. no matter what, they're still a cute family!
eli looking like he belongs in the mafia. =)

all in all, a great way to wrap up the weekend with family & friends!