Saturday, May 17, 2014

disposable challenge

remember disposable cameras? you know, those convenient, little throw away cameras that were usually used for vacation. i usually had one for those ever crazy youth group trips. the pictures mainly consisted of washed-out, blurry selfies (although we sure didn't call them that then) or an attempt to get a really embarrassing photo of someone.  can you say quality photos? haha. fast forward to 2014 in the age of amazing phone pictures, point and shoot cameras, & high quality dslrs where disposable cameras are now all but forgotten. 
the point of all of this is i read a blog post over at skunkboy about how she was completing a disposable camera challenge just for fun. it sounded interesting to me, but it wasn't until i spotted a little fujifilm disposable camera in the clearance section at dollar general that i decided to complete the challenge. plus, i was almost out of my instax film so i determined this could take the place of that camera for a bit. 

here are the scanned images of some of my favorites. i love the perfect imperfections of these pictures. yes, you will spot a few bright white selfies, but i love those too as it brings back memories of my youth. yes, i am known to be a little nostaglic....

aren't those pictures fun? i'm thinking about doing it again later this summer as the results were a pleasant surprise, but first back to using my instax since the poor thing has been neglected for a few months. =)