Thursday, May 1, 2014

they've only just begun.

"Marriage. The roots are deep. The covenant is solid. The love is sweet. Life is hard. And God is good." - John Piper

 my parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in april. it's been a tremendous blessing in my life to watch two people walk through life together with all its trials & joys. i've witnessed mistakes made & grace given. i've observed two imperfect people faithfully serve a perfect God. i really can't ever express enough gratitude to my parents & the example they have set for all their children.

we celebrated their anniversary by having a small celebration with a very big dance party! before that, molli asked me to take a few snapshots of them together.
well, i had the great idea to go to the park right down the road to take these. it was the same brilliant idea that every high schooler attending prom also had....haha. there must of been at least 50 teenagers getting their pictures taken for prom!

haha! this is just a goof off one, but i liked the way it turned out. "where he leads, she'll follow" haha.
30 years!
attempting to copy"the stef & tim pose"
props to my dad for cooperating while getting his picture made. well, for the most part... =)

opening up the floor with the first dance of "we've only just begun" by the carpenters. everybody say it together, "awwwww..."
the kids trying to figure out what is going on & wondering why they can't dance to 'happy' yet.
i can just hear it now, "LET IT GO!!!"
and i didn't get much in the way of dancing pictures, except for this posed dip.


and special thanks to molli for her organzing skills. =)

Jessica Roberts said...

Umm, so this proves that I need a lens that will allow a lower aperature! I could not get the lighting right in that room at all. Yours look great! You got a lot of good ones!

Maggi Loving said...

Thanks! Almost half from the actual party were iPhone because it was just easier. I do love that lens though!