Thursday, May 8, 2014

tulip troopers

here i am with another (not-so-great) story to tell about the following pictures. almost two week ago when all the tulips were blooming their little hearts out, i REALLY wanted to go to the botanical gardens to see them. my mom decided to take me after church one sunday as an earlier birthday present. it was a spur of the moment decision made that afternoon due to the fact that it was supposed to rain that week & we (well, i) was afraid that the storms would wipe out my precious tulips! haha.
after a quick stop at gus' pretzels & world fair donuts, we finally arrived at the gardens. yay! i grabbed my dslr, anxious to snap some more tulips photos. as soon as we entered & i went to take a photo <to my horror> i realized that i had left my memory card in my computer. #amateurphotographermistake
i came to the realization i would just have to use my iphone. i was thankful i had that because just a few days before, i had to replace my old one & therefore had been without a phone for a couple days.
anyway, the tulips were lovely as ever. we walked the gardens enjoying the crazy bipolar weather & admiring the terrific tulips. we roamed the park for HOURS, started to leave and as soon as we exited, i came to the shocking realization that my computer with my memory card was in the car.
 seriously? yes, seriously.
 i never take my computer to church on sunday, but had for some reason that i cannot even remember. yes, i was frustrated with myself, but the gardens didn't close for another hour. so, even though we were so tired from walking all day, we ran back in so i could take tulips pictures. therefore, the pictures you are about to see are a wonderful mix of dslr & iphone.

i love tulips. she loves hosta.

 thanks, mom, for being a tulip trooper with me!