Thursday, June 19, 2014


the fabulous fox theatre is one of the greatest gems that st. louis offers. this, of course, is my opinion but i think it would be difficult to refute that statement. there is something utterly breathtaking & wondrous that happens when you step foot in that theatre. it's as if you are transported to a completely different era. you can picture woman wearing their most elegant gowns & men in their finest suits mingling in the grand lobby. you can hear the organ music playing & then you get swept away be the silent picture that begins.  maybe i'm a bit nostalgic (yes, i am), but the fabulous fox offers a phantom of the opera type magic that is rare to find nowadays. 
my summer bucket list included touring the fox theatre. i have seen my fair share of shows at this venue, but i wanted to experience it from a different point of view, hear the history of the building,  & (maybe...hopefully) even get to go backstage.
i was so thrilled that mary kate was able to go with me! that girl is such a sweetheart & it's always a joy to hang out with her. 
behold! the scene that greets your eyes as soon as you enter. i should mention now that these photos are dslr & iphone. that dark theatre lighting was tricky!
i get phantom of the opera lyrics stuck in my head just seeing the pictures,               "in sleep he sang to me, in dreams he came..."

the luxurious fox club seats. mary kate is dreaming that she is an exclusive fox club member.
i really tried to limit the amount of chandelier pictures, but c'mon! that thing is gorgeous!
because we went on a day when a show was not currently in production, we were able to go backstage!
i thought i had more pictures of the incredible murals that included autographs from the cast, but alas...i do not. mary kate & i were always the last ones in the group so we were trying to take it all in & take pictures which led to us falling behind.... a lot. haha.
we also got to stand on stage!!! what a magical moment.
i know what you're thinking, "how many pictures of the fox sign can maggi include in one blog post?" =)

afterward, we went out for lunch at a mexican restaurant with the cutest decor!
 a truly fabulous day!