Tuesday, June 17, 2014

iced lattes & ice cream

last week i was able to hang out with stef for a few hours. as i've mentioned here before, we always try to make the most of it because we just don't get to see each other as often anymore. we were planning on scouting photography locations &  i wasn't planning on blogging the day, but things change and i ended the day with lots of iphone photos. really, that's no surprise there. =) in retrospect, if i knew i was going to take so many photos, i would have busted out the dslr, but a day full of phone photos is really just as fun & a little more convenient since we were in a time crunch. 
i did not have coffee that morning so we quickly ran into a local coffee shop that i had never been to before.
another thing checked off my summer bucket list. try a new coffee shop? check! take multiple pictures of your yummy iced latte? check!

we stumbled upon another gen3 QT! this was the happiest news as there are only one or two other gen 3's in st. louis AND gen 3's sell pretzels AND QT pretzels are the best AND that meant stef & maggi got a super cheap, yet super delicious lunch. can you tell we like QT? i feel ultra sorry for those states that do not have QT. alright, enough QT love. moving on...
neither of had been to revive thrift shop but judging by the cheerful yellow sign, we knew we needed to change that & visit.
lastly, my pregnant friend needed ice cream & how can you deny a pregnant lady her ice cream?!? okay, i totally just used her as an excuse & i never need an excuse for ice cream. the end.


PS - today just happens to be stephanie's birthday.  happy birthday, stef!! i'm thankful to the Lord for you & our 20+ year friendship. hope you have a wonderful day!!!!