Sunday, June 29, 2014

smoke monster

here's the scoop:

ever since i took the plunge last year & invested in a dslr, i have been anxiously anticipating the day i could take epic smoke bomb pictures. there was just one tiny problem - no smoke bombs.
the answer- wait patiently until the end of june when firework stands pop up on every block & purchase smoke bombs.
well, here we are nearing the 4th of july & i'm happy to report that i have attempted epic smoke bomb pictures! problem - they weren't epic.  haha.

it seems i always have unrealistic expectations for photos, but these were still so fun to try. these girls were troopers! they actually claimed that this was 'fun' as they were inhaling large puffs of smoke & coughing up their lungs. 

here is what i learned about smoke bomb pictures:
  1. smoke is unpredictable!!! duh. 
  2. pink smoke bombs may look pretty & vibrant, but they are actually death eaters in disguise. so even though we used the pink ones, none of those pictures were successful
  3. smoke bomb pictures may remind you of a white version of the smoke monster attacking your friends, the hookah smoking caterpillar on alice in wonderland, or the dark island in narnia's voyage of the dawn treader. 
  4. you will have a whole collection of hilarious outtakes.

what do you think? cool or creepy? they turned out so different compared to what i normally take. they almost have a dark feel to them, but i'm just gonna call it 'artsy fartsy' & roll with it. =)


Will Jackson said...

I like the texture of the smoke. I like the ones where you can't necessarily tell it's from a smoke bomb, but rather you just see smoke and a face (or maybe just an eye).

Maggi Loving said...

thanks for the feedback, will! I may have to attempt them a second time just for fun. =)