Thursday, July 31, 2014

july iphone

here are the stragglers pictures from the month of july - aka a bunch of  iphone photos that never made it to the blog. is it really the last day of july? i've been busily planning for this upcoming school year. it's almost that time!

a ringo shrine in honor of his birthday. haha.
mysti's pretty color wheel.

gotta start training those children at a young age. =)
speaking of star wars, i saw these at a a teacher store & wanted a copy of every grade.
enjoying the great outdoors during this (fairly) mild summer.

how many floaties can we fit in this tiny pool?

yesterday was neville's birthday & today is harry's so...yes, this happened.

you're a wizard, harry. =)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

sunflower, blooming in your finest hour

just a few sunflower pictures to brighten up your day!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014


before proceeding, let me give a fair warning that there are a LOT of pictures in this post. i had a hard time narrowing it down as pretty much every picture made me smile. 

the jane austen festival was happening the same weekend that we 'just so happened' to be in louisville. the day we were scheduled to leave, we also planned to take our time & do some fun things before we left. well, once i found out about the festival, i practically begged for them to drop me off for just an hour so i could experience it. thankfully, everything worked out and menzi & i were able to enjoy the events during the prime time of the festival. 

just as a side note: i did not know the festival was taking place until we were already in louisville, therefore we were (sadly) not in regency attire. =( if i would have known it was a possibility, i would have made it happen, but really i'm just thankful i was able to go!
we came at the beginning of a fashion show ~ regency style!

can we all just go back to this style, please?

the lady in black seriously reminded me of the dowager countess of grantham from downton abbey. she even acted the part. it was impressive!
thank you to this sweet couple who didn't know i was taking their picture, but  looked so picture perfect without even trying.
this man did a presentation on dressing mr. darcy. =)
absolutely loved the wallpaper & color scheme of this room!
pemberley platter, anyone? or maybe some of bingley's famous tea?
if cookies were precious, this would be a precious cookie.
time for the promenade! this is probably the pinnacle of the festival & it was during the short amount of time we were there. they were attempting to beat the guiness book of world records for most people dressed in regency attire.
this man told menzi, "tell your old boyfriend, you have new boyfriend now." haha!

things like this picture make me chuckle. =)

as i was editing these pictures, i was reminded of God's goodness in allowing us to enjoy simple (maybe somewhat insignificant) pleasures like attending a jane austen festival.  =)

thankful for His many blessings!!!