Wednesday, August 27, 2014


unless you have not been on any social media for the past month, the chances are high that you have seen your fair share of the als ice bucket challenge videos. kim asked me to video her challenge, but i recruited someone else to record so i could 'freeze' the action. you see what i did there? #lame.
i thought it would be fun to capture their reactions as i haven't really seen any pictures of an als challenge, just lots & lots of videos. let me tell you, their reactions did not disappoint!
anyway, i won't mention names........but a certain person who videoed forgot to press the record button the first time around. this would explain why you see them getting ice dumped on their head twice. also, we all know that if you don't video it & upload it to facebook, then accepting the challenge is automatically worthless & didn't really happen. =)


Monday, August 25, 2014

jedi training

anyone who knows me, knows of my fond love for star wars. it may also be pretty evident that i took it upon myself to introduce star wars to my niece & nephew. yeah, some people call it brainwashing, but i call it a positive influence that is impacting the future generation for the greater good. ;) and yes, both of them are super obsessed & i am a super proud aunt. =)
two of my favorite things (chick-fil-a & star wars) collaborated to bring the young ones jedi training. it was seriously the cutest thing! penelope & titus were a little hesitant to participate, but cute. 
luke teaches them jedi moves & then they have to fight the bad guys.

earlier that same weekend, we took the kids to see members of the 501st legion. i saw the legion last year, so i was really looking forward to the kids seeing some of their favorite characters. unfortunately, many of the members of the legion had to cancel. =(

we were able to see darth maul & titus really enjoyed that. =)
...but legacy, not so much!

 hoping for another opportunity to see more characters with the kids in the future!


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Sunday, August 24, 2014

the water tower

a few weeks ago (which really seems forever ago at this point), we visited the historical compton hill water tower. there are only seven other towers like it in the united states! it is open to the public on certain days (only about 12 times throughout the year) & it was on my summer bucket list to visit. i'm so glad we did! i remember going up there once as a little girl with my sister and dad, but none of the other children had been before. 

through the looking glass
getting super creative with our photos...haha!

my dad insisted on taking those last two pictures, so those are for you, dad!