Monday, August 25, 2014

jedi training

anyone who knows me, knows of my fond love for star wars. it may also be pretty evident that i took it upon myself to introduce star wars to my niece & nephew. yeah, some people call it brainwashing, but i call it a positive influence that is impacting the future generation for the greater good. ;) and yes, both of them are super obsessed & i am a super proud aunt. =)
two of my favorite things (chick-fil-a & star wars) collaborated to bring the young ones jedi training. it was seriously the cutest thing! penelope & titus were a little hesitant to participate, but cute. 
luke teaches them jedi moves & then they have to fight the bad guys.

earlier that same weekend, we took the kids to see members of the 501st legion. i saw the legion last year, so i was really looking forward to the kids seeing some of their favorite characters. unfortunately, many of the members of the legion had to cancel. =(

we were able to see darth maul & titus really enjoyed that. =)
...but legacy, not so much!

 hoping for another opportunity to see more characters with the kids in the future!


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