Sunday, September 28, 2014

a is for apple.

this weekend we headed out to the orchards for some good ole fashioned family fall fun in the festive form of apple picking! =) woohoo! the only downside was the weather decided it would rather act like summer with temps in the 90s. i was really hoping to bundle up while we were there, but instead sweat was in my forecast. we still had a wonderful time that included some yummy apple cider donuts!
everyone knows that when you go apple picking, it's completely necessary to do the twilight pose.
and because of that blasted heat, i also tried some apple cider punch.
no comment except that these two pictures needed to be by each other. i love you, brother.
just ignore the johnny on the spots in the background. haha.

dad is pondering the deep things of life like whether he prefers fuji or candy crisp apples. decisions, decisions.

i just love fall, but i'm sure you already knew that by now!


Saturday, September 27, 2014

i'm a put it in a balloon.

the grand month of september carries with it one of my favorite st. louis events: the great forest park balloon race! i love the magic of the cheery colors illuminating the sky & the overall whimsical nature of hot air balloons. it's kinda a dream of mine to go to the HUGE balloon fiesta in albuquerque. how magical would that be?
a balloon collage to spare you from endless scrolling of similar photos. =)
here we go!
liam was showing me his model moves without me even asking. =)

last year's balloon race HERE