Monday, September 1, 2014

august iphone.

it's time for your monthly dose of leftover iphone pictures! most of august was spent preparing for school, but by the looks of these pictures, you would think all i did was eat sugar! what can i say? dessert is more fun.

finished reading 'the warden & the wolf king' which is the last book of the wingfeather saga by andrew peterson. it comes highly recommended.

i also HIGHLY recommend reading 'unbroken' before the movie comes out this december. it's the true story of world war II prisoner of war survivor louis zamperini. the beginning is a little technical, but eventually you won't be able to put it down. very inspiring!
felt a little weird eating this cake.
sniff. =(
LOVE my new sign.
happy birthday, liam!
a donut shop just opened up (practically) in our backyard!

first PSL of the season!!!!
probably my life motto. =)
sooooo ready for fall!! it's just around the corner.