Sunday, November 9, 2014

and time is frozen

if having this blog has taught me anything, it would be the great reminder that TIME FLIES! these pictures are a testament to that. just seeing how my brother looks today compared to a year ago is crazy! i'm thankful to have this little place in the internet world to look back on.

i'm also so thankful for this brother of mine. this brother who plays the drums at our church without ever taking a lesson.  this brother who (sometimes quite obnoxiously) beat boxes at any given point of the day. this brother who is maturing into a godly, young man. this brother who has the God-given talent to pick up any musical instrument & play it. this brother who just turned 15 & passed his permit test. seriously, where does the time go? i can remember the day he was born & something about that makes me feel quite old. 
love you, bro!

well, enough of that mushy stuff. =)  he was gifted a beautiful martin guitar that, of course, required some picture taking as it's his new baby.

we stole this pose idea from sir paul mccartney. i saw it on a starbucks 'single of the week' card a couple years ago & loved it.
and this is our johnny cash pose.

such a rockstar on that acoustic guitar! =)

Will Jackson said...

Nice lookin' (and sounding) guitar :) It's good to see you grow into the man you are becoming, Woody.