Sunday, November 30, 2014

dressember 2014

last year in the middle of december, i discovered dressember & blogged about it. unfortunately, it was too late for me to commit at that point, but this year i have decided to take the challenge & participate in dressember 2014!

if you're not familiar with dressember, it's a style challenge of wearing a dress everyday in december. sounds simple enough, right?  well, it's more than just a dress! participating in dressember is a way to oppose trafficking and modern day slavery. the goal of dressember is to raise awareness and funds for the international justice mission which helps victims of slavery & violent oppression. if you would like to donate, you may visit my fundraising page HERE 

the basic rules are:
- you can repeat dresses
- you can wear pants when you're working out, cleaning, sleeping, or if you have a job that requires   you to wear pants 
- you can wear skirts, but only over dresses
- you can wear pants, but only under dresses

although i LOVE dresses (maybe more than the average girl), i still had some hesitations about committing to wearing one every day because, honestly, some days are lazy days where jeans or lounge pants are preferred
i know how challenges like this can be fun & exciting until you're about 10 days in & it becomes just a chore. also, the commitment to actually take a decent picture of an outfit (even if it's boring) seems somewhat daunting, especially in the winter with limited daylight hours & cold weather. when i thought through those know what? they seemed kind of lame. yes, it's not always convenient & yes, there may be some horrible foot selfies to verify that i wore a dress, but the cause is worth it. ultimately, this is an easy way to seek justice & contribute to a good cause this holiday season.

lastly, i decided instead of flooding everyone's social media with a dress picture every day, i will post a weekly roundup here on this blog so that i do have some accountability.

if you're interested in participating or learning more check out dressember's website at

let's do this!