Thursday, November 6, 2014

i open at the close.

this post involves traveling across the river to the land of lincoln with some great friends. our ultimate destination was a harry potter corn maze. yes, you read that right. a HARRY POTTER corn maze. my nerd radar may be off the charts, but i was so excited about that theme!
awww...look at those lovely ladies! we kinda stumbled upon the cutest little cafe.
"hey, mary kate, go pose by that awesome vine window!"
we stopped & got coffee at a place that used to be school building. it is supposedly haunted. i don't know about that, but i do know that i consumed the most delicious marshmallow latte there & would willingly go back.
you could 'explore' different parts of the school. there was some great lighting peeking through while we were there!

we made it to the maze!
but first had to get our quidditch practice in. =)
first years. =)
did you or did you not put your name in the goblet of fire?!
a map of the maze. it opens at the close.
these glasses were a dolla well spent.

the bum side of the adventure was that it was the last day for the maze so they were out of maps & out of harry potter glasses. the plus side was it was a beautiful day spent with beautiful people!